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Facilitated by Steven Morrison, M.A.
Author, The Conscious Politics Op-Ed
Founder, The Consciousness Company

Changing how we think about politics and current events requires practice, which is what this monthly offering is all about. 


Anyone and everyone eager to explore a dynamic, optimisitic way to navigate today's political currents or who are otherwise engaged in problem-solving at the societal level are encouraged to attend. 



All Are Welcome


It's about feeling secure in your political heart and mind while existing in a sea

of millions of others -- each with

their own hearts and minds.

Candidates & Campaigns

If you are a candidate for office or working for one, if you are looking to change the political paradigm, your presence in this training will help us all.


The power of groups working together is formidable.  Make the most of your efforts by putting them on a

conscious track.

Political Journalists & Writers

If you find conscious politics to be of interest, use, and/or value, you can amplify this work in ways that

most of us cannot.

Government Employees

It only takes a few government employees with a conscious approach to their work to shift the consciousness of governments big and small.

Non-Profits & NGO's

Do you work for a political organization with a kick-ass mission and

piss-poor execution?

Please come to this training.  Please!

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