Let's Take Down This Donation Page!


This donation page will come down as soon as the ink is dry on the first

bona fide contract for a conscious politics training and/or consulting engagement.

Meanwhile, the times and this technology make it easy for a social entrepreneur like me to

be compensated for doing work I have long been doing without any compensation at all.  I will continue

regardless and now I will also gratefully -- and humbly -- accept financial support from anyone who

wants conscious politics to be mainstreamed.  Your dollars will be reported as income for me

and will help insure that I can write The Conscious Politics Sunday Newsletter, 

facilitate and promote The Conscious Politics Free Monthly Training, and

maintain and pay for this website without significant interruption. 

  Thank you in advance for advancing this work with

a  one-time or a recurring contribution.

You rock.

(Contributions are not tax deductible.)


Editorial Home

Help move the newsletter from Substack to an established magazine or newspaper

this year.  

Conscious Politics 101

Do you have an in with a two- or four-year college that would welcome being the first to

offer this would-be class?

Concious Politics Clubs

Create a Conscious Politics Club on your high school or college campus.  Connect it to

our community.


Speaking opportunities at conferences are a great way to introduce new work to those most poised to use it.

Speaking Gigs

What group, company, organization or campaign do you know that needs to hear about

new ways to do old things?

Think Tanks

My idea of heaven includes

being partnered with DC think 

tanks from which I am now

woefully disconnected.  Anyone?

If you can offer assistance with any of these ideas or if you have others...